I would like to note, that i had a near perfect upbringing, and blame none of this on my family life. Although petty, these crimes contradict my public persona.

Here is a list of crimes i have committed or been charged with, though never once been to jail. Starting at my youngest age:

  • Jay Walking
  • Underage drinking (age 14)
  • Drug possession (age 14)
  • Selling/Buying drugs on school property (age 15)
  • Breaking and Entering/Robbery (10x at age 18)
  • Public Intoxication (misdemeanor)
  • Speeding (15+ tickets)
  • Sexual Assault (3x at ages 20-21)
  • Driving While Intoxicated (charge dropped)
  • Resisting Arrest (charge dropped)
  • Trafficking (charge dropped)

Despite these actions, i lead a very normal life, and continue to be cautious throughout my journeys.


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