Boredom Kills

This is a literal statement.

When one is not distracted by societies agenda or other cheap thrills, one goes into a fantasy world, which develops overtime.

The reason why this is problematic for psychopaths, is they have no limits. Their fantasy world develops endlessly, until their conscious mind now desires the fantasies much more than reality. When the fantasy and reality worlds blend together, there is really no stopping the psychopathic mind, except for his own self control.

Many psychopathic serial killers drank alcohol during their early murders. In my opinion, it wasn’t to dull any said emotions, but more so to allow their fantasy world to merge into reality, and to disinhibit their self control in order to fully carry out their gruesome plans.

So now we ask, how can one cure boredom in a healthy way?

The answer is, acquiring power and control through corporate structures. Because, for the psychopath, most healthy ways are just not fulfilling enough.

Whether it be power, control, curiosity about emotion, or pure boredom, murder really does appeal heavily even to the most pro-social of psychopaths. The mere difference, is intelligence, life situation, and past trauma, which determine if they carry out the act or not.


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