The American Sociopath

Why is the criteria for psychopathy on the PCL-R a 30 in America, but a 25 everywhere else?

Why does America have 20x more serial killers than the country with the next largest amount?

Why is the American film industry the biggest, by far, in the entire world?

Why is our race for presidency being fought between a women whos husband was already president (for the maximum two terms), and a reality TV star? And Why does the news cover the race as if it hasn’t already been decided?

Essentially, America is a giant casting couch. Every level of advancement (that is relevant) requires a test of your moral (most often sexual) corruption. You can have anything you want here, but as long as you are willing to play the game. So you chose to do so? Before you knock on the door, take this basic screening test to make sure you are fit:

1). Looks. If you don’t have looks, then intelligence. If you have neither, your best bet is to play what we call the “lottery”, which is known for shattering statistics in many cases, with the same person winning multiple times.

2). Connections. If you don’t have connections, you could live a nice comfortable life as a doctor, or lawyer. America has many mental health issues, expensive medicine and legal problems, so this is not a bad option. Just expect to spend close to a million dollars in schooling and be there until you’re almost 30 years old, before making a cent.

3). Moral corruption. You have finally made it to the casting couch. We are going to pass you around, and you will need to be able to take multiple dicks on call. God, forbid you do not comply, for we will tarnish your reputation forever.

There are some people who can bypass these tests. Those smart enough to play the game better than the players, or the players themselves. The ones facilitating the tests. The ones behind the masks and whispering in your ear.

Our beloved sociopaths


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